Making Money & Betting

Making Money & Betting

If there is one thing I love to do it’s making money. Well until recently, it was only making a little bit of money. I’d tried every single method known to man. I’d been an affiliate marketer and made ?0.12 in a year through Amazon links, I’d been a content publisher and made an average of ?1.12 a month through Google Adsense, and of course I’d tried to sell all my worldly belongings on E-bay, but the listing fees and payment charges meant I walked away with little more than pocket money.

It was time to box clever and find something to make sure I made money, and not just pennies. I’d heard about people making money online through gambling. I always enjoyed a flutter down at the bookies on Grand National day, so how hard could it be I thought? The answer at first was very hard, that’s how hard! I had next to no knowledge of the horses, the trainers, the courses, or even the finer points of betting. I had lost around ?100 on bets overall when a friend of mine introduced me to a tipster service called Bet Thief. Those guys literally know everything there is to know about horses and horse racing and were now sharing their knowledge with me, suddenly the eureka light came on and betting wasn’t hard anymore!

I was sceptical at first, how could anyone really predict in advance which horses were going to win I thought. So I started off just betting a pound or two on the first couple of tips that the Bet Thief guys gave me. To my delight they won and I turned ?2 into ?17. Great I thought to myself, this is easy! I carried on following these tips over the next few days, just putting on ?1 or ?2 at a time, and I won around 90% of my bets! In no time I’d made back the ?100 I’d lost AND had enough money to take the Mrs out for dinner!

The valuable lesson I’d learnt was not to bet more than I could afford to lose and combine that with some top quality tips from Bet Thief to provide me with a fun filled second income that was all but guaranteed!

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